Working Hard & Hardly Working

We all complain to some degree over the amount of “hard work” we do, are doing, or have to do.  People attempt the joke, Are you working hard, or hardly working?  And we roll our eyes and think, Original. 

We simultaneous do both; we are always working hard, and hardly working.  You say, But, that’s a contradiction.  Nope. Not in my book.


We have been working hard since the womb days. Preparing first by mastering our “sucking” skills for survival in the world, and from womb onwards preparing for what lays ahead in our future.   Just think of each new skill you learn.


How did you learn that skill?

What was the process of learning it?

How did you adapt?


And maintain?



See, we have always been working hard for things that we need or desire. And as for “hardly working” – I suppose we can always do more.  We do have time.  We are constantly evolving.  So…what step is next?


Hello Everyone!

Just a quick shout out to everyone. 

The First Feeding


August 12, 2012 Mckinley tried rice cereal for the first time.  

What this Stuff?


At first she was most likely thinking,

“what the heck is this stuff? and why am I eating thicker milk from a toy?”  

Now however, she is getting the hang of it flailing her arms in excitement.

Now: a video


Breath of Fresh Laughter

Want real life footage of what being a mom’s all about?  This video is not America’s Funniest Home video.  It is however, amusing and endearing.  I have probably watched this clip a thousand times since I took the footage less than 24 hours ago.

Side note:  this video is actually a lot longer, but I am giving you just a snip-bit.  I call this a quick round of the Fart & Gonna-Get-cha game.  I recommend this game to anyone wanting to lose weight in their cheeks.  What a work out. 🙂

We take laughter for granted.  I took laughter for granted.

It’s a profound thing when you hear someone laugh for the first time.  If you don’t have children, I hope you have at least watched the movie Rudy.  If you have not seen this movie, then you must go watch it.  Otherwise, do you remember the scene when all the team players lined up, and one by one placed their jerseys down- giving up their spot for Rudy to play in the last game of the season, because they knew that nobody else deserved to play more than he did?  That scene elicits feelings of awe, warmth, and genuineness.   And I suppose those feelings are similar to what it felt like when I saw McKinley laugh and giggle for the first time. McKinley’s personality is emerging and it’s been delightful getting to know her.  Although, I’ve known her for years it seems.

Now, for those of you who know me, then you know me to be a philosophical individual, but all this mother stuff is making me considerably more reflective.  Have you taken something for granted recently?  Life is incredibly complicated, how could we not take something for granted?  Sometimes, we take for granted our dearest friends and other times we take for granted our bodies.  For instance, burning my tongue always reminds me the value of my little tastebuds.  Everything just works together in harmony.  It’s when something goes wrong that we start to notice.  Wouldn’t it be a breath of fresh laughter to notice things while everything is going good?  I’m on a warpath to end taking things for granted.  Who’s with me!?

Finally the First Milestone

You know, they grow up so fast.  And if you are a mother, friend of a mother, father, or friend of a father- then you have experienced this.  It’s the classic catch phrase that’s been expressed by thousands of generations of parents.   And it’s 100% true.


Why do they grow up so fast? Are we constantly over preparing and under-preparing for the next steps in our children’s lives that we let time roll by?  Yes.  We are living in a time of instant gratification and while it may feel pretty good it also creates a chaotic fast paced lifestyle with little to no room to sit back and enjoy a cold beverage, which I happened to enjoy, a lot.

The upside to technology– I get to create a super sweet blog and load it with pictures and videos taken straight from my phone of my little baby girl.  Now I can’t miss a single milestone.  Granted I could just write it down in the baby scrapbook.  But where’s the fun in that?  You wouldn’t have the pleasure of rolling your eyes at my constant parental praise towards my little one.   It wouldn’t feel right depriving you of that.

So the first milestone of course, is starting this darn blog I’ve been meaning to for the past 14 months.  Originally I was going to begin the blog through the pregnancy but with going to graduate school full time, working full time, and being pregnant it just didn’t happen.  I’m not surprised either.

Yes, “they grow up so fast,” and yes, now I actually understand that it is true.   This blog is a special dedication to McKinley Gallagher Rauch and my way of cherishing and relishing every moment and each milestone that I can.

Other milestones prior to creation of blog:

1)   Born March 12, 2012 at 9:38 pm.  Weighing in at 7lbs and 8ounces and 19 inches.

2)   Her first smile was the third day of her life basking in the sun in Grandpa Kevin’s hands.

3)   The first time she rolled from her front to her back was the day before she turned 10 weeks.

4)   The first time she rolled from her back to front was when she was 3 months old.

If you have a little one and even if you don’t have a little one, take a moment, possibly with a cold beverage, kick your feet up, relax, and create your own special milestone with someone special.  Life is two short to be growing up fast, and growing up fast makes life to short.  So there you go.