Working Hard & Hardly Working

We all complain to some degree over the amount of “hard work” we do, are doing, or have to do.  People attempt the joke, Are you working hard, or hardly working?  And we roll our eyes and think, Original. 

We simultaneous do both; we are always working hard, and hardly working.  You say, But, that’s a contradiction.  Nope. Not in my book.


We have been working hard since the womb days. Preparing first by mastering our “sucking” skills for survival in the world, and from womb onwards preparing for what lays ahead in our future.   Just think of each new skill you learn.


How did you learn that skill?

What was the process of learning it?

How did you adapt?


And maintain?



See, we have always been working hard for things that we need or desire. And as for “hardly working” – I suppose we can always do more.  We do have time.  We are constantly evolving.  So…what step is next?


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