Featured Personal Experience: Generations Part I

Love is one of those concepts, or absolute truths according to Plato, that is universal and transcendent.   Love is many things.   Love grows, expands, evolves, and transforms throughout time.   And those are flowery words that only begin to scrape the surface.  

Grandpa was explaining his most recent existential experience after babysitting.  “It all starts with The Big Bang,” says grandpa.   And not the television show, although, he would say, and I would agree, that it’s a great show.  He continues,

We are all made up of tiny particles co-existing together.  It’s truly remarkable. When I look into McKinley’s eyes all I can think about is how McKinley is apart of the Big Bang, the past generations, and future generations, and that we are connected.”

Just when we think we know something, and finally have the hang of it, life changes.   I’m comfortable caring for McKinley because I’ve got the hang of this stage- its feeding, changing, holding…but next she will be walking and talking- and I’ll have to readjust and relearn.   Love is like this.  When we find love, understand it, and appreciate it- it changes, and we are tested again.

I didn’t think I could love my husband more than I did the day I married him.  But boy was I wrong.  When we had McKinley my love grew considerably deeper.  It evolved.

Grandpa has a similar story.  He says,

“Wait until you have a grandchild, and that love, will change again.”


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