McKinley loves her time of solitude.

As I slowly sip my coffee and scan other blogs, I hear her high pitch sounds and babbling conversations with toys as she peacefully plays in her playpen for 25 minutes.  I give her time of solitude.  A time where she is free to explore without a frantic-hovering mother.  It’s time alone to her anyway, because in reality I am there.

When we go outside, I watch her in complete awe while she examines the grass.  She tends to be more serious outside.  Studying and reflecting on the wind, sun, flowers, and trees.  As she embraces the outdoors, it’s clear to me she is my daughter.

A time of solitude is not for everyone.  Some people prefer to be around others.

Which do you prefer?

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  1. kevin michael says:

    I like the quiet.

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