Phase 3: Childproofing

Phase 1 (0-3 months): Clockwork. Feeding, changing diapers, holding, napping, going for walks. Then, feeding, changing, holding, napping, feeding, and changing some more. Also, getting used to new life.

Phase 2 (4-7 months): Cruise Control. You’ve created a system that works. You’ve adjusted now to the new family. You go from having a dependent newborn to an active and responsive being. It’s when personalities start to emerge and everyday brings new insights to your little one. While there are many dramatic changes during this time, as parents you are quicker to adjust, so the ride is smooth.

Phase 3 (7-12 months): Childproofing. Your little one has realized they have control and power. You feel pride and happiness while your internal alarm is going off: SAFETY! SAFETY! SAFETY! This phase has a similar feel to clockwork. It’s crawling, and walking, and crying, because they crawled away from you, or bumped their head, or fallen down. It’s here, then there, then back over here.

And….Phase 3 has begun. Let me tell you, we have quite the crawling caterpillar!

I’m beginning to childproof, in the words of Dane Cook, Stat-Pronto-Tonight! And, I’ve already managed to plug the outlets. Although, I tried to vacuum the other day, and couldn’t get the childproof plug out after trying for 5 minutes. Seriously…5 minutes!!! The “childproofing” phenomena should be simplified to “proofing,” because it’s just as challenging for adults.

This looks like a science project. What has been you’re experience with childproofing!? Please Share!

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  1. anissa rauch says:

    Well it was more like parentproffing for me. Daddy had already been there before. Live and let live.

    1. Makes sense!! The more kids- the easier and more relaxed the process runs. Yes! I love the idea of having a cupboard for them to explore. So important for cognitive development! Thanks for the comments!

  2. anissa rauch says:

    Only used plug covers. They each had a cupboard in the kitchen that they could drag things out and beat on or pretend cook etc.

  3. martha michael says:

    I remember the cupboard locks and outlet plugs…but that was about it as you all were always under survielance when you were itty bitty. I remember though you trying to eat the pebbles in the driveway. There is no way you can “proof” the outside.

    1. Children are so curious! I wish I had the curiosity of a baby, with the attention span of an adult. Can you imagine what life would be like if we “proofed” the outdoors. Yikes. Thanks for the comment!!

  4. We bought new plugs that are child proof themselves and Alan replaced them. So much easier than the covers. But I keep covers in my travel bag and diaper bag, they have come in handy.
    I have climbers, so securing bookshelves to the walls with the straps has been done.
    Most important ones:
    – Sharp knives in a drawer with double latches
    – Chemicals/cleaning supplies in cabinets on the laundry room and garage.
    – Medicines locked away or on a high shelf
    – keeping the bathroom door shut – easy and keeps them out of the toilet – a drowning hazard.
    Love You!

    1. Thanks for the comment & advice !!

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