One Handed

It is a remarkable thing how our bodies adapt for survival.  Our senses can compensate for one another.  I know this, because my mother is a Dr. of Special Education. So, she’s told me.  My brother is half deaf and he reads lips. So, I’ve witnessed how his visual senses compensated for his hearing loss.

Caretakers adapt to having one hand.  Laundry one-handed? Yes.  Picking something off the ground? Yes.  Feeding the dog? Yes. Loading the dishwasher? Yes. I’ve learned.   If I ever lose a limb, I will adapt, cause that’s just what our mind and bodies do every day.

More precious McKinley Milestones coming soon!

The chance for growth is infinite~ Georgia





Featured Educational Material: Time Management

It can be difficult and a real challenge to find time in our week, let alone our day, to do all the things we have to do.

Cooking. Cleaning: dishes, bathrooms, floors, dusting, and vacuuming.  Laundry. Working. Playing with our children: watching, washing, feeding, and reading. Bills. Shopping. Doctor appointments. It’s never ending. What am I leaving out?

Okay, we get it.  If you’re struggling– there is relief.  Time Management.  Ahhh yes, that friendly skill our teachers and professors harassed us about!

But, how do you actually accomplish time management? That is the question.  Well, here is the answer:

First: you must get a calendar.  It needs to be something you will actually use.  So, if you are always at your computer and prefer an online/computerized one- go for it. Or, if you are like me you may need something hands on.

Second: A system. You need a system that works. For me- I color code. But, you don’t have to.  Maybe use blue for work, black for chores, and another color for events..etc.  No matter what though, you should write down what it is your doing in a similar spot, and on a particular day.  For example- here I have located at the top of each sunday, “planning meals & grocery shopping.”   You will want to consider prioritizing certain things (you could even color code by priority).

Third: Choose days for chores.  Tuesdays are my chore day.  I work in the evenings, so I know I have Mckinley’s nap time to get things done during the day. Knowing yourself and your schedule is really half the battle.   By choosing a chore day, the idea is that you’re more likely to keep up with it each week, which cuts down on time, and reduces stress.  Choose days for relaxation. Chose when you will start to write that paper, when you will grocery shop, and when you’ll clean out that closet.

The point here folks is to essentially write down all the crap you have to/need to/or want to do.  (I’m not talking about writing down when you will shower and floss your teeth). In writing everything down:

  •  1) It is therapeutic
  • 2) It organizes all the jumbled thoughts in your head
  • 3) It gives you a visual aid
  • 4) Helps you remember
  • 5) Makes life A LOT less stressful

*Note: If you are a student -insert the due dates of your assignments into your calendar – Then go back and plan ahead when you will actually work on the assignments.  This will help keep you ahead of the game and leave you not procrastinating (even if you do your “best work” that way).

*The trick to time management is writing everything down.  There is no way I have ever or will ever 100% follow my calendar to a tee. Do not put that pressure on yourself. It is however, one of the best strategies to getting organized, staying on top of things, easing stress, and managing your time effectively and efficiently.

Forth: Crossing out.  Have a method for keeping track of what you do and don’t do.  I like to cross things out when I have done them, because I get a feeling of accomplishment. If you are a list person- you know the feeling.  Notice though, I have highlighted and circled “bathroom” because it was a chore I did not get to.  In doing this, it allows you to not forget that event/chore or whatever it may be, simply because the day has passed.

~The chance for growth is infinite~ Georgia

Genius Idea

Let’s get serious. Buying toys for babies can be a bit ridiculous. Now, I’m not saying that I don’t go out and purchase toys.  But, it gets to be pricey when they literally pick the toy up for two seconds and are bored.  Babies around 6-12 months have short attention spans.  So why spend loads of money on toys they will a) never use again and b) get bored with in seconds?  Besides, babies LOVE household items.

Pots & Pans & Spoons & and other household things = A genius idea.

If you are a parent of a lovely adorable short attention span person, and looking for ways to save some extra dough- Go shopping in your own home!

Pots, pans, spoons, tupperware of different sizes – all these things are great examples of items your little one will love!

and now, for a video :


~ The chance for growth is infinite ~ Georgia

McKinley’s First Moccamus!

This year, Moccamus was held on Saturday, October 13th.   A beautiful morning.  Moccamus falls on the second weekend of October.   It is a holiday my husband and I created three years ago.  The traditions on Moccamus as follows:  1) You must wear Moccasins for the day, or at least at some point in the day.  2) It’s a time to be with family and friends.  3) You must do something educational.  4) You can exchange gifts if you like (but you don’t have to).  Usually my husband and I exchange a gift for Moccamus and then write each other letters for Christmas.

We created the holiday, because to be frank my husband and I felt Christmas was steering away from true holiday spirit in becoming more commercialized.   The name Moccamus did not originate to “mock” Christmas.  We feel that Christmas is a fine holiday.  The name merely came from the idea that during Moccamus you must wear moccasins.

Here is McKinley on Grandpa’s shoulders sporting her adorable moccasins grandma bought her from Northern Ontario last year (while I was pregnant). 

 For our educational experience we participated in a 5K Dyslexia Dash.  McKinley’s first 5K!  It was quite the brisk morning, but she was bundled and ready!

Last year for Moccamus, Jordan and I went to Lynd’s Fruit Farm.  We enjoyed our adventure, so we decided to go again. Picking apples this year was a bit more challenging, because the apples were scarce, but thankfully we still managed to fill our bags!

We also went to the pumpkin patch. (Pumpkin carving contest to follow).

Last Moccamus I made homemade apple pie, but this year I made warm apple crisp with rolled oats!  (Sorry folks no photo of that yummy goodness!)

Pretty-Fall Day & The New Year!

It’s a pretty-fall day.  And when you say it out loud, it sounds like beautiful day, in a sort-of odd way.  Gosh, I love this time a year.

Most people think of January 1st as the start of the New Year.  Yes, it’s the start of the new calendar year. I think about the year in terms of seasons though.  So, Fall is my New Year.   A time of reflection, renewal, and shedding.  

As the year comes to a close– the leaves start to shed.  And, we start to shed too.  Shedding away woes and worries from the year.  If you look at the ground you’ll see hundreds of leaves at first glance, but when you look deeper, you’ll see memories from the past 11 months (going by season year) blanket the ground in color.  It’s rejuvenating.  And, It’s renewal to see all the things you’ve experienced.

If you are someone who has been carrying a weight on your shoulder, or have had harder times these past 11 months, perhaps a therapeutic intervention is needed.  Scoop your colorful woes (or leaves) up; Throw them into the air and as the leaves fall, let the burdens fall too.

Some people love winter.  I’m not one of those people.  Winter is the hardest time of the year and why Fall is a cleanse for me.  I must recharge and gear up for the next months, which are kicked into overdrive with family functions, holidays, cold long days, and just pure exhaustion.   Don’t get me wrong; I look forward to the holidays, family time, and rocking moccasins while drinking hot chocolate.  It’s the cold weather that takes a toll on my mood.

Cheers to the New Year!  (The Blue Moon’s Harvest Pumpkin Ale is a refreshing Fall beverage).  Happy Shedding friends!

Until next post ~ Spread Love where you can, and spread Forgiveness where you can’t. – Kevin H. Michael