One Handed

It is a remarkable thing how our bodies adapt for survival.  Our senses can compensate for one another.  I know this, because my mother is a Dr. of Special Education. So, she’s told me.  My brother is half deaf and he reads lips. So, I’ve witnessed how his visual senses compensated for his hearing loss.

Caretakers adapt to having one hand.  Laundry one-handed? Yes.  Picking something off the ground? Yes.  Feeding the dog? Yes. Loading the dishwasher? Yes. I’ve learned.   If I ever lose a limb, I will adapt, cause that’s just what our mind and bodies do every day.

More precious McKinley Milestones coming soon!

The chance for growth is infinite~ Georgia





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  1. martha says:

    The dominant arm will have more muscle, especially when you carry around a 25-30 lb baby…there is a reason for teaching them to walk early…and it is not so they will be a sports star or get into Harvard!

    1. Well, McKinley will be walking before we know it!!

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