Moving Advice

Moving is rated one of the most stressful things you can go through and parents are the most stressed of all demographic groups.  

In studies moving is rated as similar to the stress of experiencing a death or divorce.  Why? Seriously, why is moving so awful?  I have yet to meet a person who actually gets excitedabout moving.  It’s a hideous process.  You have to unpack everything you own, go through it all, then pack it up, carry and move it, then unpack and put it into place.  Ug.  Actually, even thinking about the process is stressful.  I have moved a total of twelve times in my life.

McKinley has moved once (thus far) and recently has helped her Aunt “CeeCee” move!

McKinley helping out!


Moving Tips: 

  • 1.  If you didn’t remember you had it then toss it.
  • 2. Do you really need to keep that essay you wrote in high school? No.
  • 3. Use paper towels and old plastic grocery bags as bubble wrap.  Also, towels work too.
  • 4. Write with a sharpie on boxes the big items you’ve put into them.  This will help you when you unpack.
  • 5. Hire people to lift your crap. Seriously. It’s worth every penny unless you have a group of friends who are willing to help.  (In which case, buy a 6-pack).
  • 6. Remember when packing to place things inside each other.  You can fit a lot of things into 1 box.

Tips to stay sane: 

  • 1. Let things roll off your back.  It’s far to easy to let stress overcome rational thought.
  • 2. Devise a plan before hand.  Break it up in pieces, or do it all at once.  Just know ahead of time.
  • 3. Remember and Repeat: It’s not long-term.  The stress will subside.
  • 4. Practice Stress Management techniques. (Post coming soon).


Moving is an adventure.

~ The chance for growth is infinite ~ Georgia

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Aunt CeeCee says:

    She was a very helpful member of my moving team!

  2. kevin michael says:

    I believe your thoughts on the matter of moving are right on target. I know you guys have become real pros at it, but like you say it can become too streeful quickly without the tips you mention. Little Mac can help her granpa anytime she wants to with anything for that matter. I love you all.

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