COSI Adventure

Columbus’s Center of Science and Industry, known as COSI to Buckeye fans, added a Little KidSpace. It’s a playground for imaginations, designed by early childhood experts.  Infants through kindergarteners can climb, slide, pretend, build, and splash in paradise.

Of course we had to take McKinley.  Our COSI adventure, or as I call it, “Controlling Our Social Inchworm” adventure began by meeting another couple.  Another young family with a new baby.  It was prime opportunity to meet other parents our age and McKinley wanted to meet their little 6-month-old girl.  Prime opportunity turned into a 10 minute control McKinley from grasping the hair of the other infant.  I explained that McKinley lived with three dogs (not that it mattered).  The mother of the 6-month-old looked at her husband and said, “I think it’s getting pretty late we should go.”   We waved goodbye, “Nice to meet you, say Bye-Bye McKinley.”

We then took her to the water area where she had the time of her life splashing away.

After splashing we walked around to the other exhibits, before calling it a day.  Remember the couple who had to leave?  We ran into them again.  I had an Oh we are those parents moment.  🙂

COSI is now offering early childhood workshops on Thursdays & Sundays!  Click here for more information about COSI if you live in the Columbus area, or are planning a vacation to visit!

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