Babbling Baby

Babbling babies are breath taking. Hello alliteration. Mckinley has reached another Milestone my friends!! She first said “dada” on October 25th. She said, “Mama” on November 6th. Now she says mama, dada, and baba like it ain’t no thang. Here is a quick video taken October 30th of her saying “dada.”  

Soul Soup

I love to cook. And, when the weather gets chilly, I love soups.  Don’t you start to crave warm things? Normally when I hear “soul soup” I think of chicken noodle.  Remember those chicken soup for the soul books?   This is a recipe for a creamy tomato asparagus soup.  Yes, it is a soul soup…

20 Seconds of Courage

I’ve learned one of the harder, but more rewarding things to do is: Take a Stand. Standing up for what you believe in, or for a person you love– takes a single moment of courage and strength. And, once you take that stand the world around you changes. But, standing up is not easy. McKinley…

Moving Advice

Moving is rated one of the most stressful things you can go through and parents are the most stressed of all demographic groups.   In studies moving is rated as similar to the stress of experiencing a death or divorce.  Why? Seriously, why is moving so awful?  I have yet to meet a person who actually…

McKinley’s First Halloween

McKinley’s first Halloween was not as festive as we hoped it would be. Although, she is only 7.5 months. It’s not like she can say, “trick or treat,” or enjoy a delicious mini Twix, Butterfinger, or Snickers candy. McKinley did however, dress up as her favorite character from her nap time story book called, Caterpillar spring….