Featured Review: Discgolf

As we move out of the holiday season and into the New Year, we reflect on family traditions. When you become a family, it’s customary to create a family tradition.  In fact, I don’t know any family that doesn’t have some sort of ritual.  One could argue that families against tradition have the tradition of no tradition.

When my husband and I had McKinley, our 9-month-old moving machine, we knew we needed to start thinking . . .  tradition.  What we didn’t realize at the time was that we already had one.  Disc golf.  And, before I explain what disc golf is, let me ask you some critical questions:

Does your family live for adventure? Do you enjoy the fresh outdoors, scenery, and perhaps some exercise?  Are you seriously looking for something new to do and don’t feel like spending money on another membership?  If you’ve answered yes to even one of these questions than you and your family may be interested in playing a round of disc golf.

I consider our family unique because we play disc golf.  When I share this with people, they tend to respond with, “Huh?”  To be fair, I did too when I first met my husband.  He told me he was a “pro disc golf player.”  I chuckled as if there was such a thing.  Now, it’s one of our family’s traditions.


Disc golf is an up and coming sport similar to golf, but utilizes frisbees called “discs” instead of drivers and putters.  There are holes or “baskets” which you attempt to throw the discs into and count each throw as a “stroke.”  This year round sport is great for kids and families of all ages.   Disc golf is generally free to play and the only equipment needed is a disc, which are now available at most sporting goods stores.

There are a handful of disc golf courses in Central Ohio conveniently located at local parks or college campuses. The courses are spread across the Greater Columbus Area at locations including: Blenden Woods, Ohio State, Glacier Ridge, Alum Creek, Simsbury Park, and Hoover Dam (which is our favorite).

Hoover Dam, in Westerville, is truly a place of beauty.  With holes playing down toward a dam perched at the edge of a reservoir or through an evergreen forest, this park allows disc golfers, both new to the game and experienced, to enjoy an afternoon hike.  It’s rare to see a dam, especially in Central Ohio, and makes this an incredible place to go.

And now for a video: 

Maybe you’re in need of a family tradition, have a New Year’s resolution to exercise, or if you’re like my family, simply relish the outdoor life.  Regardless of the reason, disc golf is worth checking out.

What are some of your holiday/family traditions? Please share!

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We must be adaptable as parents.

It’s something parents become almost immediately after the birth, and if you don’t, then you’re s**t out of luck, says Darwin.  Survival of the fittest.  And, just because it’s immediate does not imply success or simplicity.  Everyday is a new day presenting new things to learn.  For me, adapting has been the hardest part of parenting (thus far).  In general, people don’t seem to keen on change; Whether it’s change within themselves or their environments.  It symbolizes something unfamiliar, uncomfortable, and scary.  We fear change, yet it is inevitable.  I’ve become a pro at adapting, it’s the acceptance part I’m currently working through, like accepting that it might be awhile before I get to use the restroom alone.

I wanted to share my key ingredient.


How do you foster patience?  My answer?  You meditate, or you pray.  Maybe pick up yoga?  And whatever you do, practice!   Practice.

The truth?   We never know it in the moment, but in the end, that unfamiliar, scary, and uncomfortable Change is always worth it.


~The chance for growth is infinite~ Georgia

Cruise for a Bruise

“How big is McKinley?….Soooo Big!”

“McKinley, wave hello!”

“McKinley can you point to Mama’s nose?”

It feels like we are showing off our children, like dogs, with all their tricks they can do.  Ohhh the joys of learning and teaching behavior.  Thanks Pavlov  and Skinner for being informative.

My little miss McKinley is crusin’ now.  That’s the cool hip language us parent folk use to describe infants who use furniture to get around.

Now for a video:

Two front teeth for Xmas?

Okay, who invented baby-bibs?  You’re my hero.  I’ve never seen so much drool in my life.  Not even from a dog!  I could probably capture at least 2 cups of drool per day. Parents and parenting books all say the same crap.  Drooling is the sign of teething babies.  According to that, McKinley has been “teething” for 5 months.   My husband and I swore we could feel a tooth at 3 months.   Nope.  Four months passed by and still nothing broke through.  This so-called tooth we kept feeling never appeared.

Then roughly 3 weeks ago McKinley’s two bottom front teeth broke through her gums!  Now they are slowly emerging and starting to show!  Getting pictures of these suckers were hard, but here’s what I got for y’all.


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How to: Holiday Jeopardy

IMG_3823 Christmas Jeopardy.  Last year, it was a smashing hit.

What you need: Notecards, Sharpie, tape or glue, printer, scissors, questions

Step 1: Find questions online or make up your own.  (5 categories and 5 questions in each category).  You’ll need some hard and some easy.

If you are like me and have to play the game at multiple parties (and have re-playing guests), then I suggest adding more questions to mix it up.

Step 2: Put questions into categories.  Think movies, literature, songs…

Step 3: Put questions on to notecards. You can either print out questions, cut, and paste them on notecards, or directly write the question on the notecard.


Step 4: Take sharpie and mark 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500 on the notecards. (5-100’s, 5-200’s..etc.)  I also color coded my notecards by category.


Step 5: Make yourself a cheat sheet since you are now Alex Trebek. You may also want some bonus questions incase of a tie.

Step 6: make 2 daily double signs and put on 2 random cards

Step 7: Category headings.  You can get pictures from google and print and paste on sheet of paper.


When you are ready to play the game, just paste everything up accordingly.

~The chance for growth is infinite~ Georgia