Two front teeth for Xmas?

Okay, who invented baby-bibs?  You’re my hero.  I’ve never seen so much drool in my life.  Not even from a dog!  I could probably capture at least 2 cups of drool per day. Parents and parenting books all say the same crap.  Drooling is the sign of teething babies.  According to that, McKinley has been “teething” for 5 months.   My husband and I swore we could feel a tooth at 3 months.   Nope.  Four months passed by and still nothing broke through.  This so-called tooth we kept feeling never appeared.

Then roughly 3 weeks ago McKinley’s two bottom front teeth broke through her gums!  Now they are slowly emerging and starting to show!  Getting pictures of these suckers were hard, but here’s what I got for y’all.


~The chance for growth is infinite ~ Georgia


4 thoughts on “Two front teeth for Xmas?

  1. Those little teeth are going to make for a beautiful smile that all her grandparents will be wild about !!!! And later on I suppose the boys of the world as well; but let’s not worry about that just yet 🙂

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