We must be adaptable as parents.

It’s something parents become almost immediately after the birth, and if you don’t, then you’re s**t out of luck, says Darwin.  Survival of the fittest.  And, just because it’s immediate does not imply success or simplicity.  Everyday is a new day presenting new things to learn.  For me, adapting has been the hardest part of parenting (thus far).  In general, people don’t seem to keen on change; Whether it’s change within themselves or their environments.  It symbolizes something unfamiliar, uncomfortable, and scary.  We fear change, yet it is inevitable.  I’ve become a pro at adapting, it’s the acceptance part I’m currently working through, like accepting that it might be awhile before I get to use the restroom alone.

I wanted to share my key ingredient.


How do you foster patience?  My answer?  You meditate, or you pray.  Maybe pick up yoga?  And whatever you do, practice!   Practice.

The truth?   We never know it in the moment, but in the end, that unfamiliar, scary, and uncomfortable Change is always worth it.


~The chance for growth is infinite~ Georgia

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  1. martha michael says:

    Change the easier for some especially for those that have a will to embrace change.

  2. Aunt CeeCee says:

    I love the picture in this post – I remember the day we took that one! Patience may be a virtue, but it is more definitely a tool for creating peace for parents and children.

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