‘Double Firsting’

This post is overdue: First Christmas 2012

The festivities began… waiting for Santa:


McKinley waiting to see Santa. 


The classic first photo with Santa. Everybody has one right? 

Every Christmas Eve we drive out to the farm to spend time with my Hubby’s dad’s side of the family.  We typically attend the family pizza party with karaoke carol singing, but we missed out this year.  Here are photos from our time at the farm:


McKinley received “Puffs” for Christmas from Grandpa & Grandma. 


McKinley with Grandma (left) and Grandpa (right)

After our visit out at the farm, we snuggled McKinley down for bed time.  Five hours later McKinley had a “double first”.  At 12 am on Christmas morning,  poor McKinley started screaming with a burning fever.

I felt helpless holding her as she screamed through the hallucinations.  Hubby and I camped out on her floor.

Thankfully she was still able to attend the Christmas  “Big Breakfast,” one of our favorite meals of the year filled with yummy breakfast foods!  Although McKinley still had her fever we insisted on traveling to the Cabin “Lake Hope.”  Another tradition.


View from the window driving to Hocking Hills


McKinley playing with her slipper at the Cabin


McKinley opening gifts with Grandma Suzsa and Auntie Paige (below)


And now a video of McKinley pushing her new Christmas toy!!!

~The chance for growth is infinite~ Georgia


Featured Recipe: Potato Salad

I love radishes! I used to eat them like crazy when I was a kid. My parents don’t remember that, but I do. What better than to put them together with another favorite? It may not be the perfect season for potato salad , but it sure is yummy!


  • 1) 2 cups Radishes
  • 2) 10 Yukon Potatoes (little-medium size) 4 (if potatoes are big) *note I used purple potatoes for the recipe for color
  • 3) Parsley (chop up a handful)
  • 4) 3 table spoons Apple Cider vinegar
  • 5) 3 table spoons Olive oil
  • 6) Salt & Pepper (I always just eye ball)
  • 7) 3 table spoons Light olive oil mayo


1) Gather all your ingredients!

2) Put your potatoes into a pot with water and when it comes to a boil – turn down and leave and let cook for 10-15 minutes

3) Chop up your radishes (chop them small).

4) then chop up your parsley and throw into bowl with radishes.

5) then add your salt & pepper

6) Once your potatoes are cooked, cut them into small chunks and throw into the bowl.

7) Now add your oil & vinegar & mayo

8) Mix everything together!!

~ The change for growth is infinite ~ Georgia

Baby Wearing

“Baby-wearing” has become a buzz phrase, now that I’m a mother anyway.  I hear and see “baby-wearing” everywhere.  Personally, I love baby-wearing. It allows for freedom and bonding at the same time!  I like the idea of getting the vacuuming and laundry done while snuggling my little bug.  Everyone has opinions on what materials and tools are the best to use to multitask, but what honestly is the best- is what works for you.  Good Luck 🙂


~The chance for change is infinite~ Georgia

Teething Mess!

McKinley loves her teething cookies…



But talk about a total cute Mess



~The chance for change is infinite~ Georgia