How to: A Unique Gift

We give gifts because it feels good and it feels right.  I’m a giver and interestingly enough, The Giver is still my all time favorite book.   I love the act of giving because it brings me joy.  I can’t help it.  It’s probably why I got married young. I wanted to give myself fully to someone.  Also probably why I became a therapist. I wanted to give advice and help people.

My favorite gifts to give are the unique ones.  And honestly it’s hard trying to think of unique gifts.  Especially for those few people who you have NO IDEA what to get for them.  Here is a unique gift idea:


Calendar Gift : This is the gift that just keeps on giving. A gift for each month!


  • Colored Paper
  • Stamp collection w/ pad
  • ribbon
  • glue stick or tape or Zots (whichever you want)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • hole punch

Step 1: Making the envelopes. See below left for dimensions. (LeftHeight = 5 inches, Top w/ tab= 3.5 inches, and bottom without tab =3.25 inches).  Draw out this design 12 times on the same color paper or different colored paper (up to you).


Step 2: Then Cut them out using scissors.

Step 3: Next turn over each cut out and fold in the tabs & glue the tabs down.  Then fold and glue together to create a mini envelope. (see photo below)


Step 4: Make 12 envelopes. Look around the house for cute tags or little pieces of paper that you can write on to put inside the envelopes!


Step 5:  Use stamp collection to stamp on the Month & Year to each envelope.


Step 6: Write on the tags or pieces of paper the different gifts of the month you are giving.  In the picture below (lower left hand side) you can see my “June” gift is attending the Opera.

Step 7: Once you have thought out all your gifts and written them onto the tags, place them into the corresponding envelope.

Step 8: Hole punch each envelope, cut out 12 pieces of ribbon, and tie a bow to secure each months gift.


Step 9:  I then glued two sheets of card stock paper together to create a “board.”  I took real envelopes and cut them in half, glued them down to the board  to create “sleeves” to slip my gifts into!

~The chance for growth is infinite~  Georgia 

Aquarium Adventure

McKinley had her first visit to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.


It was 30 degrees, so we spent a few hours traveling around the aquarium and reptile pavilion.




McKinley was fascinated by the fishes and did a lot of talking to the turtles!





I cant wait to take McKinley back to the zoo!

Buy your Columbus Zoo Membership today! It’s worth every moment…


~The chance for growth is infinite ~ Georgia

Featured Project: The Oscars

ProjectWe watch the Oscar’s every year.  

Each category is worth 1 point.

And at the end of the night…

Whoever has the least points… (the loser)…

Must write a 500 word essay paying homage to the winner!


That’s not all.

Then, they must read their essay out loud while being recorded.

It’s a big deal.

If you want to make ballots:

  • hard card stock paper
  • Construction paper (or different colored paper doesn’t matter the kind)
  • rubber cement/glue stick/zots whatever you have to use as glue (even tape would work)
  • Find the categories online (they have printable versions)
  • Fun wavy scissors
  • Hole punch
  • ribbon

Step 1: find categories online and paste into word document to recreate the font & size.  Print out and cut around edges with wavy scissors.

Step 2:  Cut out triangles of different color paper for the edges.

Step 3: glue on the triangles, and then the categories.

Step 4: Stamp or write at top “Oscars”

Step 5: Hole punch at top and thread ribbon through and tie a bow. Whaaaalaaa! Fancy dance ballot for Oscar party!


~The chance for growth is infinite!~ Georgia

Support Structures

This is what we do on random afternoons.

I’m a therapist, so it’s second nature for me to say this;  Having support is crucial.  When the going gets rough we rely on support structures to____________.  Fill in the blank.  I leave a blank because “support” means different things to different people.

I have learned over the years what type of support I need.  For me, support structures are loved ones who provide comfort, accept, and challenge me… hear me, respect me, but most importantly… understand me.   All we ever want is to be understood, am I right? Can I get an AMEN?  Aunt CeeCee, my older sister ( or “sistor” as we say endearingly to one another) is one of my many and main support structures that I am blessed to have.   She visits me on lonely afternoons when I need some adult conversation!! Although the adult conversations usually turn into silly moments.  🙂

What type of support helps you?  What does support mean to you?   These are critical questions we meed to evaluate from time to time.

~The chance for growth is infinite~ Georgia

Saving Space: Dresser Drawers

Ever feel like you never have enough space in your closet or drawers for all your clothes?

Here is a quick and easy way to maximize space in your dresser!


Step 1: Take pants and fold in half. Then simply roll into a ball and place into drawer. (See Photo below)


Step 2: You can also do the same thing with your T-shirts and Tank-Tops!


Easy peasy! (Is that how you spell it?)

~The chance for growth is infinite~ Georgia