Just Beat it

I am like my father.  I need someone to give it to me straight.  Probably why I am sometimes harmfully honest with people.   But, you can handle it.

My father was diagnosed with Stage 3″B”  Lung cancer.   

I feel as though I have entered this “sandwich” generation of caring for my young daughter while preparing to care for my parents. It’s a tricky place and a humane place to be.   It makes me think:  these are the moments.


In my life I am always brought back to moments.  Moments of time passing slowly, and others quick.  One of Life’s many contradictions that continue my quest for knowledge.  A particular kind of knowledge. Spiritual knowledge.


To be frank, people ask, “how are you?”  And the pressure to be positive all the time is exhausting.  What am I supposed to say?  How would you feel?  I just nod and say, “I’m fine.”

When someone close to you is diagnosed with Cancer a million things run through your head.  Your emotions go “haywire.”   Common emotions include: anxious, fearful, sadness, loneliness, hopeful, and inspired.

Anxious because you are unsure. You do not have all the facts or answers.  You enter a world of “unknown” territory. Fearful of loosing someone you love and care deeply for.  Someone you trust.  Someone you look up to.  A hero.  Connected souls. Your father. Then, Sadness sets in.  Then alone.  Hopeful for the best.  We utilize tools like logic and reason.  If A, then B.  If we do not have facts and answers, then we cannot draw conclusions.  No need to be fearful or sad.  Then, inspired to fight! BEAT IT! WIN! SURVIVE!



Stage 3″B” lung cancer is not the full story.  My father almost died.  He had a massive blood clot in his lung, lung cancer, and pneumonia, and…He lived.  My dad already is a survivor. 

The new Michael Mafia Motto: Just Beat It, Michael Jackson    


“How to: Cancer Party”  to come…

~The Chance for growth is infinite~ Georgia

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