How to: Puppet Theater

I love everything theater.  Acting, casting, directing, staging, lighting, blocking… you name it.   Always have and always will.

When I saw this huge box my imagination came to life.  I thought, this would make an awesome puppet theater


Step 1: Find an old box from the basement, from a big shipment, or a moving box.  (My mother would insist I tell you to use a dryer box).

Step 2: Cut out a rectangle in the upper half/ front of the box.

Step 3: You will have to cut a door on the side of the box.  (Look to the above photo lower right-the door is on the right side).

Step 4: Paint the box or use all the extra wrapping paper from the holidays and wrap the box.  That’s what I did anyway.

Step 5: Inner curtains:  a) you can use an old wire hanger, or if you have a moving box like I did- you can use the metal rod.  You could use anything that’s long and sturdy enough to put into a box and hang light weight curtains on. You will need to put the rod close to the top of the cut out rectangle on the inside of the box.  b) I used an old hand drying bath towel and cut it in half.  You can use any fabric you wish.

Step 6:  Attach curtains to your rod using old shower rings, or even use a hot glue gun.

Step 7: decorate !!! (Everything I had was Christmas themed.)

So when life brings your boxes…give them to your children, or make a puppet theater. Duh.  🙂


~The chance for growth is infinite ~ Georgia

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