Semi-Homemade Indian Food

Indian food is my by far my favorite. It’s bubbling with spice and flavor.   And yes, I fed indian food to my 11 month old baby; She loved it!  This is a quick & easy recipe to bring the taste of indian food into your home. Indian food is full of great nutrition! [Usually…

How to: Puppet Theater

I love everything theater.  Acting, casting, directing, staging, lighting, blocking… you name it.   Always have and always will. When I saw this huge box my imagination came to life.  I thought, this would make an awesome puppet theater.  Step 1: Find an old box from the basement, from a big shipment, or a moving…

Snow Angel

McKinley first snow experience: marvelous We were outside for all of 5 minutes because it was freezing and McKinley couldn’t really do much. She loved the beautiful crisp winter breeze and sparkling snow. Next time: sledding. ~The chance for growth is infinite~ Georgia

First Steps

McKinley has started to stand on her own!!  On January 30th McKinley took her first steps. Check out the video below (In this video she pushes her toy, does lots of dancing, and then at the end takes her  few first steps): ~The chance for growth is infinite~ Georgia

How to: Cancer Party

“In loving memory of every cancer patient, family and friends who have lost the battle of cancer and the ones who continue to conquer it” It’s not everyday people throw cancer themed parties.  If someone you know and love is up against Chemotherapy/Radiation possibly a cancer themed party is the perfect way to send them…