IMG_3741Avocados are my favorite ingredient.  I mean, come on, I use avocados to make frosting for a chocolate cake!  They a full of amazing healthy oils that our bodies need!  The good fat ya’ll! Once you make this guac recipe I promise, you’ll never go back to your old ways.  And if I’m wrong… then you don’t know good guac 🙂


  • 2 avocados
  • Fresh salsa (you can use store bought- I usually make my own but thats a recipe for another day!)
  • 1/2 table spoon garlic salt
  • 1/2 table spoon lemon juice
  • teaspoon salt & pepper
  • 1 table spoon Olive oil mayo (you can make without adding this ingredient and its just as good!) 

Step 1: Cut open avocados and put into a bowl.  People have heard of using knifes to take out the pit in the center, and if you don’t know what you are doing, please do not try an attempt what they do on the food network. It’s a lot easier in my opinion to just push the avocado together and the seed pops right out! 


Step 2: Start to chop up the avocados in the bowl using a spoon, then add in the salsa (again, I eyeball but I’d say 1/2 cup range).  And start mixing together until you get a nice creamy consistency!  


Step 3: Add garlic salt, salt & pepper, and lemon juice: mix together.  Optional : to add in mayo.  * taste test, and balance out accordingly to your taste buds 🙂 

~The chance for growth is infinite!~ Georgia

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