First Publication!

My whole life I have wanted to be published.

Finally the moment has come and I couldn’t be more excited. In fact, I’m extremely giddy.  I remember having a paper I wrote on female infibulation in the 10th grade being published, but it was a publication our school created… so I dunno- do you count that?

McKinley Milestones is spotlighted as one of Central Ohio’s best parenting blogs in the March issue of Columbus Parents Magazine! YAY! Click to read the featured post: Traditions


To be honest, I questioned my ability and ‘worthiness’ of being a writer, especially after being turned down from other contests and submissions.  And yes, every writer should know that they WILL be turned down… that’s inevitable; however, it doesn’t change how it makes you feel.

But, I never stopped writing.  So no matter how cliché this sounds it’s 100% true:

Dreams are always worth chasing,

Always worth the time, and

It’s never to late.

~The chance for growth is infinite!~ Georgia


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  1. Enjoy the wondrous feeling of publication!!!! It never gets old. I think I should dig out some of those old plays and essays from Creative Writing, huh? They will be worth something someday! Actually, they are worth quite a lot right now because they are the truly authentic voice of GEORGIA! Congrats, sweet girl.

    1. Thank you! I must give you credit! To all my english and creative writing teachers and professors. I never would have been here had it not been for all of you.

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