A Human Experience


This morning was peaceful. Grandpa pulled out the ole guitar. And it’s been awhile since he’s done that.  He even said,

“I’ve just had an urge for pickin’.”

Then my mother jumped in with her banjo.  and in seconds we were singing, She’ll be comin’ round the mountain. An awing moment. 

My parents are baby-boomin’-spirit filled-passionate-opinionated-intellectual seeking-hippies.  So naturally, of course, music is this omnipotent presence to them. And, I agree.

Music is a powerful instrument.

A form of expression.

Inspiring. Spiritual. Hypnotizing. Adventurous.


Music means various things to people and is utilized differently.

Music connects us together. A passion shared across race and culture.

A human experience. 


~The chance for growth is infinite!~ Georgia

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  1. wguwizkid says:

    my wife is a classical pianist and choral director. I was a jazz performance major in school and sing around town a bit. I feel everything you said about music. I am so excited that my son will get the experience of knowing music on such a deep level. To add to what you said about music I have this: music is what the heart and mind creates over coffee.

    1. Jazz performance-that sounds fun! What a beautiful experience we get to share with our children. 🙂 And I enjoy your addition. So true. I especially like the dual action/connection of heart and mind. Thanks so much for sharing, come back again soon! I’ll be doing more posts on music in the near future!

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