Crayons can be humbling

IMG_6160McKinley & crayons!

I’m ecstatic that McKinley is starting to color. I’m an artsy gal- so I’ve been strongly looking forward to sharing that passion with her. The minute I gave her the crayons her whole being lit up with joy. It was humbling to see.


~The chance for growth is infinite!~ Georgia

10 thoughts on “Crayons can be humbling

  1. How exciting! My son just started really getting the hang of it. I like letting him use high lighters the best. They don’t need as much pressure to make a good mark, of course I keep a good eye on him to make sure he doesn’t eat them.

  2. Awesome. Ben (3 Year Old) has been a slow developer in this area, but it’s so much fun to see him create. Faces and Pizzas, mostly 🙂

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