Snacking? Healthy Combos:

On Snacking Youngsters eat 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. Some where along the way adults were told to eat 3 big meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. What happened to snacking? Folks, having light snacks throughout the day actually helps keep your metabolism working hard. I’m not saying graze all day AND have your…

Basil Chicken

This meal is extremely easy and really tasty! Ingredients: Chicken 1/2 cup Chopped Basil (you can use those basil tubes at the grocery store if you want (2tb spoons) 1 can of Stewed tomatoes Directions: 1. Put oil in pan on medium heat. 2. Slice up chicken into strips, then add to the pan. 3….

Forever Freeing: A poem

The truth? I’m scared. I often am. Scared to meet new people, and go new places. But, I do it. Facing our fears is important. The truth? Staying at home is hard. Chasing a picky eater, and barking dogs. But, I’ll do it. Sacrificing is enlightening. The truth? My life is truly blessed. With love,…

Autism vs Asperger’s

As a society we are comfortable, probably too comfortable, noticing our differences, and pointing fingers at others who are not like ourselves. It’s time we start realizing individual potentialities for greatness, success, and achievement, no matter the differences. In lieu of autism awareness month and as a licensed Social Worker I thought I might shed…

Book Destroyer: Wordless Wednesday

I wonder how much paper McKinley has consumed? Hmm. #Infants   An Advocate for Change | The chance for growth is infinite Georgia, MSW, LSW