We learn we can…

It’s crucial to set goals. We learn vital information about ourselves when we do. We learn to push ourselves, we learn we can, we learn our strengths, we also, learn our limitations and boundaries.

via www.matthewrae.com
via http://www.matthewrae.com

Goal setting is a healthy way to stay organized and give balance to your life; Whether it’s balance between work and home life, or balance within your mind, body, and spirit, it’s gives us a sense of duty and fulfillment.

10 goals for the week:

  • 1. Blog posts, blog posts, & blog posts.
  • 2. Writing two pages (even if it’s total shit) to my memoir
  • 3. Finish the poem I’m currently working on
  • 4. Finish Chalkboard project
  • 5. Visit two parks!
  • 6. Meal plan for next week. (I always seem to wait until Sunday, but it would be delightful to get ahead…just once).
  • 7. Take the bags (that are still sitting in my truck and have been for two weeks) to GoodWill.
  • 8. Wash our gigantic Comforter
  • 9. Finish redoing Work space/play area
  • 10. Yoga, Yoga, & Yoga.

Thanks to Stacey over at Stay at Home Mummy for inspiring this post! Check out her goal list this week: 12 steps towards simplicity I want to Achieve this Week

What are your goals for the week?

~The chance for growth is infinite!~ Georgia

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  1. elskenewman says:

    Loving your goals!

    1. Thanks dear!! Now its actually doing them right? Thanks for stopping by!!

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