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I’m one of those moms who believe children (and people in general) need a routine. We just tend to function better. In being a therapist previously, I have seen first hand how building a routine can be quite helpful in ones environment, achievement, and over-all health. I’m not saying that everyone needs to be strict on an exact regiment. No. That would not be considered healthy. We also need spontaneity in our lives.

Below is an example of a 9-12-month-old’s daily schedule. This helped me as a SAHM keep busy and engaged with McKinley, as well as provide her with a sense of understanding and security. Infants and toddlers function better when they have a schedule or routine, because it provides them with the knowledge of “what’s coming next.”


I spent 30 minutes and typed up a daily schedule for Mckinley being sure to give her a variety in activities and spaces. I applied the E.A.S.Y method as well (I have since her birth). Then I printed it out and laminated it. I put it up where I could see as a reminder. No, I did not stick to it every minute of every day…it’s just meant to be a guide.

A great read for parents is: The baby whisperer solves all your problems by Tracy Hogg. She explains the E.A.S.Y. method- and many other helpful tips for parents having trouble with sleeping and feeding.

E is for eating

A is for activity

S is for sleeping, and

Y is for you time.

This method helped me get McKinley to switch her nights to her days when she was a newborn, and helped me get her on a 12 hour sleeping schedule at night.



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  1. My3Monsters says:

    I’m a big list person as well. I’ve also done this planning with our kids. We’ve drifted away from it after each new baby then eventually formed a new daily plan. I actually just did a new one 2 weeks ago. It’s pretty ‘loose’ since I have 3 kids across different ages ad we’re in the midst of moving, but at least it’s a starting place to get us back on track.

    1. That’s awesome!! I have no idea what it’s like to have 3 kiddos, but I can imagine it would have to be a loose daily plan!! Thanks for reading & commenting! Please feel free to stop by again soon 🙂

    2. Also, good luck in your moving adventure- it can be stressful! I did a
      post on moving if you wanna check it out:

      1. My3Monsters says:

        Thanks! This will be my 21st move, 3rd move since having kids. These are all great tips and we do all of these every time we move…with the exception of paying for movers. I’m too cheap! Lol!

      2. Wow 21 times!! A lot of moves under your belt. You must be a master at adapting by now 🙂 More power to guys not paying for movers-truly awing! Im to lazy – sad, but true. Happy moving to you & your beautiful family!

  2. Try as I might, I just cannot stick to a routine. I have spent lots of days over the last 3.5 years as a stay at home writing routines but I just end up feeling overwhelmed. My must have however is an up to date diary & calendar and a to do list – without these I would be in meltdown! I also like to set goals for the week so I feel I am achieving things and also working towards things that often get put on the backburner, Stacey x

  3. Yeah, I can see how not everybody would fit into the category of operating at their best with a routine. Some people need structure and others need to go with the flow. I would probably have a meltdown too without a “to do list” ! 🙂 It sounds like your diary, calendar, and setting goals for the week gives you a sense of order. I suppose thats what we need then, a sense of order in our lives. Thanks kindly for sharing Stacey! Come back and visit soon!

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