Monday Monologue: Moments escaping

Lately I’ve noticed Time escaping. Not its usual escape, a more-than-usual type of escaping. And, it’s more than just Time, it’s moments, memories, thoughts, and ideas.

I feel like I’m living one long, really long, day.
“What day is it again?”  Oh, Saturday. Oh, Tuesday.

See, those two particular days may be vastly different for you, but not for me.  They are virtually the same. Maybe it’s because I’m living as a minion in a Toddler’s world, or maybe it’s because I’m a stay-at-home mom.

I thought I would jot a couple of moments down here, before they too escape me…

  • (My brother-in-law proposed this past weekend).  The moment that I don’t want to escape me:  Seeing my (soon-to-be-new) sister Kelly, embrace her mother and father with the thought “I’m marrying the man of my dreams,” as tears of true happiness roll down her blushed cheeks.


  • Reminiscing on my wedding and looking down at my wedding band to notice my grandmother’s diamond missing. And I was actually able in a moment to “let it go.”  It was a small diamond. It was a big bar.  Who knows when I could have lost it and where it could have been.
  • Kelly, the bride to be, finding my grandmothers diamond in less than 30 seconds, underneath her chair.
  • McKinley’s laughter as we chased each other up and down the hallway, playing hide and seek.
  • Seeing my husband this morning dressed for his first day at the firm. Handsome, Sharp, crisp, confident, excited… young, but older-looking, and ready. IMG_8604

What moments from this past weekend are you hoping don’t escape you? 



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