Monday Monologue: “Uh-Oh Meme”

Okay, McKinley is 18-months-old now.  We should probably talk about what that means.   And…more what that entails for Mama G (a.k.a me).  18-months is a big milestone.  The reason people say, “she is 17 months” or “She is 8-months now” is because infant’s cognitive and physical development is vastly different from month to month.

18 months.  McKinley’s next “well-visit” or check up at the doctor is now 6 months away, instead of 3 months.  It is developmentally when Telegraphic speech begins, symbolic thought, and the use of their emotions to manipulate (my personal favorite).   It’s important to mention here that every child is different and develops differently.

Telegraphic speech is when they start stringing words together.  For example, McKinley will say, “Uh-ohh Meme,”  “down there,” or “bye-bye Dada.”   And symbolic thought is when they will use language to think about their actions before performing them.  It’s a great age.  I look at McKinley and I start thinking, Oh man, you’re not my little baby anymore. You’re getting big.

It comes as no surprise to you that this age comes with new territory. Mainly: climbing on everything– throwing mini tantrums that half the time make no sense–hiding–well she thinks she hiding–bigger poop ordeals, bigger messes, and of course emotional manipulation.


Last night McKinley screamed, because her hand was stuck in a jar. When I rushed to help, she pulled her hand out, and started laughing.   I most likely reinforce behavior like this, because I’ll shake my head and say, “Oh man McKinley, you got me!”
Although, I can’t say I’m 100% surprised. After all my father was a huge prankster.

Do you have any great moments or insane stories from this age?! Mine are starting to pile up!


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  1. Wow, she’s getting big. 18 months already! Glad to hear she’s doing well.

    1. Thank you 🙂 I can’t believe it! Time just flys.

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