Ready? Set. Go!

I used to work at a nutrition center and cleansing was a part of our philosophy for healthy living.  Cleansing, or detoxing, is a great way to clean out those allergens and toxins we consume without even knowing.  In the process of cleansing your body, you find that you are more stable, happier, more energized…and the list only goes on.

My last detox was before I got pregnant with McKinley.  So, It’s been awhile. Naturally I’m excited to get back to my normal way of doing things.  HA!  “Normal.”  Okay, there will never be anything normal about my way of doing things 🙂

Obviously there are thousands of different detox programs–elimination diets and candida diets.   I’ve actually done multiple, but I prefer– ones that are to the point. I’m doing a Clear Change 10 day detox.  I figured I’d write about this particular detox process for other people who have heard about, or thought about doing it—and perhaps I can lend some insight.  The writing process is highly recommend during detox programs as means to understanding how certain foods react to one’s body and mind.  And, just so you know–doing a detox is something everyone should mentally prepare and gear up for in advance.

No, I am not on crack.  Rest your suspicions.  Although, the thought, “How can I do a detox with a toddler?” has crossed my mind…several times.

10 days.  Short enough that it’s easy, but long enough that it will do something lasting. My kinda thing.  The particular detox I am doing comes with an UltraClear nutritional beverage, that tastes like powdered crap, and provides nutritional support.  Mmmm. Ready? Set. Go!

Day 1 & 2 No artificial anything.  No sugar. No dairy products. No soy. No meat. No caffeine. No wheat or gluten.  (There is actually  a list of foods to avoid and foods that are recommended, but there is no way I am typing that up).

Uhh yeah, “Holy Crap”  is what I say for day 1 & 2 too.   What can I eat?  Pretty much(with exceptions), all fruits, veggies, beans, nuts/seeds, milk alternatives (almond milk), stevia, quinoa, brown rice, all dry/fresh spices and herbs, oils, herbal teas, and fish.

Day 2: You add the nutritional beverage. 1 scoop twice a day.

For me thinking of meal ideas was extremely easy, but the caffeine headaches?  Not so much.  Oh man, yesterday day 2, was a nightmare.  My whole body was aching.  My head throbbed the entire day.  I had no energy. And, I was really spacey.  Yup- that’s the detox doing it’s job ridding my body of all those toxins.  So, if you experience these symptoms…it’s normal.

I do want to mention, that I slept like a baby night 1 and night 2. I’ve needed sleep for the past couple of weeks, between McKinley screaming, and tossing and turning from my lower back pain.  So, I fully enjoyed the rest.

Below are some meal ideas from day 1 and day 2 of the detox: 

Day 1 lunch idea: Quinoa burgers packed with onions & herbs


Day 1 Dinner idea: Spinach salad with sunflower seeds, walnuts, strawberries, avocados, drizzled with white balsamic, pared with fresh Halibut, and an olive chutney.


Day 2 lunch idea: Gluten free- almond butter sandwich with banana, almond butter, almond milk smoothie.


Day 2 Dinner idea: Stir-fry with Bok choy over brown rice, and Thai spiced Salmon.


Stayed tuned for the rest of the detox… Day 3 tomorrow.

* * Please note, if you are planning on doing a detox, you should speak with a nutritionist or your physician first. * *



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