“No mama”

“No,” rolls off her tongue so matter of fact, like this is just the way it is mama.

Do you wanna eat breakfast?  “No,” she says with her head cocked to the side.

(More excitedly now) lets get dressed so we can go bye bye!  “No,” she says again with her lips puckered out.

(almost begging) Can I have a hug? “No,” persistent with dramatic blinking eyes.

Welcome to the life of having a toddler Georgia. What, did I really think I could somehow trick McKinley into not using the word “no?” We all can’t wait for our kiddos to start talking, then all of a sudden–Boom–they start, and its great, but it comes with this free flowing independent attitude all at once.

“No” was the one word I attempted to avoid, but did a poor job. Wait Let me rephrase that, “no” was the word I wanted to attempt avoiding, and I guess I didn’t.

I say “no” to our 3 dogs at least 5 X a day. And now McKinley now shakes her finger and tells them, “No, no, no!” —(for barking insanely at our old neighbors, jumping up on the couch, eating her book or toys, growling at her…etc).


HA! Yeah, so apparently, “no” is in my vocabulary more often than I think….along with a bunch of other words McKinley should avoid using too. Hey, I’m only human.

My little peanut is growing up. She’s exploring her new found independence and LOVING it.  🙂


Wordless Wednesday



Balance of Life


So, I’m half deep into my Earl Grey, and I keep trying to remind myself to take the bad with the good.

It might be that I go from Sunday night to Tuesday night without seeing/talking to my husband other than those quick exchanges. How was your day? Or the fact that every post from now until February is holiday related and this year my dad will not be around to celebrate.

And, I remind myself to take the good with the bad.

Hubby Jordan, worked his ass
off to get an offer from a great Law Firm. We could not be more happy! And McKinley’s beautiful spirit continues
to bring joy into our lives and the lives of others.

Have you ever noticed when so many things go wrong… something goes right? And when things seem too good something goes mad wrong?

The balance of life, right?


Adventure Walk- Craft Outcome!

We finally got around to doing our “adventure walk” craft with all our interesting collectables from the outdoors!


We peeled back a pinecone and used them to make pedals for a flower!


This one is called “big and little.” Big pinecone and little pinecone. Big leaf and little leaf!


Monday Milestone: Toddler bed!

She’s growing up! Yup, McKinley has made the transfer from her crib to a toddler bed! I’m so proud of my little Kinleybug!  She is handling the changes of growing up like a champ. Mama on the other hand? Not so much.


Usually, parents do this toddler bed switcharoo in preparation for baby #2…but for the record, no, that was not our reasoning.  Other reasons parents switch to toddler beds:  safety reasons. For example, McKinley attempting to climb out of the crib.

So that’s why. She probably could have stayed in her crib for awhile longer, but honestly I thought she would love the idea of being able to crawl into her own bed by herself.  She has slept 4 straight nights without waking and is still waiting for us to come into her room before climbing out.  So precious!