Adventure Walks

We decided to go on an adventure walk a couple weeks ago as part of our learning series.



Curriculum: Exercise/Sensory/Science


  • Weather appropriate clothes
  • A bag for them to carry and collect things into

Kids/Toddlers LOVE exploring and finding new exciting things outdoors.  The outdoors stimulate so many senses for them! We went to a nature preserve that has miles of different trails.



McKinley was excited and even more excited when she realized she could put items she was interested in exploring into her own bag.






As we were exploring the sounds of the creek, trees, birds, and crickets, we stumbled upon a nice bench for a snack!

Later, McKinley and I plan to use all our outdoor items for a craft project.




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  1. vicbriggs says:

    Lovely post. It is great that you are taking adventure walks. I’ve always loved the outdoors and yes, it started as a child. I was lucky to spend all my summers as a child in my grandparents’ village and since their house was at the edge of the village by a lake which was surrounded by forests and fields on all sides, there was no end of adventurous outings that my cousins and I got to enjoy. Thank you for sharing. Really enjoyed both pictures and commentary.

    1. Aww! I too love the outdoors and it too started as a child 🙂 My parents would take me to northern ontario every summer for canoe tripping! Thanks so much Vicbriggs!

      1. vicbriggs says:

        You are welcome. Your story transported me back to my own childhood and I do love revisiting sometimes 🙂

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