Monday Milestone: Potty Training

It’s officially potty training time! I admit I’ve been prepared for months with a training potty, books that flush, even a cushion for the big toliet…But I avoided the training part for as long as I could.

At first McKinley was excited for these new objects to explore as a game. And she understood the basic concept by mimicking me. Yeah, I don’t remember the last time I went to the bathroom without entertaining McKinley too.

After about a week I gave up. And put the potty away in the closet. I didn’t have the energy to teach restroom process. Honestly it was daunting. Especially after reading all the crap on what everybody else did. Like, “Sit her on the potty every 20 minutes” … I have read this so many places. And I’m sure it’s totally legit. But Ugg I don’t have the energy for that.

McKinley showed signs that she was ready. All the ones they tell you to watch for–she started telling me when she went to the bathroom, used gestures to point, or would ask to be changed. And she has been doing this for at least the past 5 months. Yeah, so she was ready, but I guess I wasn’t. Again, that letting go.

But, something changed this past friday.
When I went to get her up out of bed that morning. McKinley said, “Peepee..poopoo.” Nothing out the ordinary. She usually says this when she wakes up, because we change her diaper first thing, (after hugs and kisses). Although, as I was pulling out wipes to prepare myself, I realized I didn’t need the wipes.

“Do you need to go peepee or poopoo McKinley?”

“Yeah,” she said.

“Do you want to use the potty?”

“Yeah,” with a head shake.

Off to the restroom we went and I pulled out the potty from the closet. We read our potty book and after 5 minutes I realized she had gone to the restroom like a big girl. It may be gross or weird, but for parents this is a big moment. At least, it was for me. A really big moment.

Wipe. Flush. Wash&dry hands.


There is a reward chart in the back of one of her books. When she uses the potty, we fill in a circle. She loves to draw and color, so after using the potty its rewarding for her to choose out a colorful marker and color in the circles! And I’ve decided after a certain amount of circles she gets to pick out a toy at the store. (In a reasonable price range of course!)

Yes! We went to pick out undies! Oh man! I can’t believe sometime in the near future she will officially be out of diapers. What? Wait.. Whhhhhattt? You mean I get a raise soon? Haha. (No, I seriously don’t want her to get bigger. I want her in my arms as long as possible.)


So, I’m not pressing the issue. I think that’s key. I’m trying to let her be the boss about this one. I do however prompt her during certain times, like before bed, and about an hour after meals–just simply saying, “McKinley, do you need to use the potty? If you do just let mama know!”

Today is day 4 and she has five circles filled, which means–a special toy 🙂 Ahhh! Potty training is not that difficult afterall.


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  1. HUGE Congratulations for both of you!!!!
    Oh happy day when the diapers are done!!!!

  2. That’s great Georgia and I hope it keeps going well! I love your circle chart reward 🙂 we have been working on it with my son for a while. We moved 2 months ago though so it has been so hard to be consistent about it during a transition, but I know my son will get it fully eventually. It’s exciting and also like you said, a sign that they are growing up…

    1. Thanks Hannah! Yeah, moving and transitions would be tricky! Did you move out of state? Thanks for reading and sharing! It’s always good to hear from you. 🙂

      1. No not out of state thankfully, just from a condo to a house (something our fam can grow into). Starting to get settled, but it just takes longer with a little one ;). Have a great rest of the day!

      2. Oh my Hannah! That sounds wonderful!! I can’t wait to build a home 🙂 or well move into one and make it “home.” Congrats dear!!

      3. Thank you!! We feel very blessed 🙂

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