Best laundry tip I ever received…

Laundry Quick Tip!

My friend passed along some advice about laundry and I wanted to share it with ya’ll! Oh, and it saved a nice dent in my pocket.  Have you ever put on your favorite shirt or pair of pants and realized there is a new hole? Or snag? Snag — is that the right word?

Yeah.. so next time you put your load into the washer—check everything that has a zipper and make sure you zip that zipper up!  That’s what snags your clothes in the washer and dryer.

The things we wish we knew right!? Now you do!


8 thoughts on “Best laundry tip I ever received…

  1. Awesome! So common sense, yet you need someone else to tell you this, right? And by you I mean me. Thanks so much for sharing, Georgia, I will start doing this. Such a great and easy tip.

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