Monday Milestone: Toddler bed!

She’s growing up! Yup, McKinley has made the transfer from her crib to a toddler bed! I’m so proud of my little Kinleybug!  She is handling the changes of growing up like a champ. Mama on the other hand? Not so much.


Usually, parents do this toddler bed switcharoo in preparation for baby #2…but for the record, no, that was not our reasoning.  Other reasons parents switch to toddler beds:  safety reasons. For example, McKinley attempting to climb out of the crib.

So that’s why. She probably could have stayed in her crib for awhile longer, but honestly I thought she would love the idea of being able to crawl into her own bed by herself.  She has slept 4 straight nights without waking and is still waiting for us to come into her room before climbing out.  So precious!


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