“No mama”

“No,” rolls off her tongue so matter of fact, like this is just the way it is mama.

Do you wanna eat breakfast?  “No,” she says with her head cocked to the side.

(More excitedly now) lets get dressed so we can go bye bye!  “No,” she says again with her lips puckered out.

(almost begging) Can I have a hug? “No,” persistent with dramatic blinking eyes.

Welcome to the life of having a toddler Georgia. What, did I really think I could somehow trick McKinley into not using the word “no?” We all can’t wait for our kiddos to start talking, then all of a sudden–Boom–they start, and its great, but it comes with this free flowing independent attitude all at once.

“No” was the one word I attempted to avoid, but did a poor job. Wait Let me rephrase that, “no” was the word I wanted to attempt avoiding, and I guess I didn’t.

I say “no” to our 3 dogs at least 5 X a day. And now McKinley now shakes her finger and tells them, “No, no, no!” —(for barking insanely at our old neighbors, jumping up on the couch, eating her book or toys, growling at her…etc).


HA! Yeah, so apparently, “no” is in my vocabulary more often than I think….along with a bunch of other words McKinley should avoid using too. Hey, I’m only human.

My little peanut is growing up. She’s exploring her new found independence and LOVING it.  🙂


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  1. Oh the joys of “no”! I also tried to avoid it – but those dogs.

    1. Yes, those darn dogs we love! 🙂 haha thanks for reading!

  2. How old is McKinley now? I can understand what you mean, seeing our babies grow up is bittersweet. We’re always eager to see the next developmental leap but when it comes, we’re never truly ready for it.

    1. Sophie, McKinley is 19months coming up on 20 soon. Yeah, if only we could ever be really prepared. Just when you get comfy into a routine–boom the next stage comes.

  3. mikemajor9 says:

    Ah yes, the little one has discovered the magical power of “no”. I remember that stage… unfondly. But of course they move on to trying out those other *ahem* “adult” words we promise ourselves we’ll never use once they’re born… but, like you say, we fail miserably at actually avoiding entirely. That creates some truly embarrassing episodes – at least it did in my case 😀

    1. Oh man! Can’t wait to write about
      those–I’m sure I’ll get a full dose of “payback” for my episodes as a kid. 🙂 Haha !

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