Curriculum: DIY Animal Matching


Curriculum category: Matching/Science 

This is a really easy D.I.Y animal matching game.   I have labeled the activity into “science” because their learning about different animals.  I like to tell McKinley little facts about the different animals as we match them.  This activity is also great for building and enhancing memory.  Also, hands on. 

Supplies (for making):

  • Note cards
  • Printed out pictures of animals
  • Glue/rubber cement
  • Scissors
  • Mini animal set (you can purchase at Joann Fabrics)

Directions for matching games:

1) Once you’ve put the cards together it’s time to play some matching games!

2) You can set up all the animals and show your toddler a flash/note card and have them pick out the matching animal.

3) You can also, layout all the note/flash cards and have your toddler pick out the corresponding animal and put on the appropriate matching card.



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  1. That is a very cute idea! My daughter loves games and matching things, and this is a creative, different way of doing.

    1. Thanks! How old is your daughter? Also, the great is that you can play the matching game 3 different ways using the cards/animals or both.

      1. She is 4. Today we had a matching theme for homeschool. She did a number match game with diamond cards of varying numbers matched with the actual number (i.e. four diamonds matched with 4) and she’s working on matching uppercase letters with the lower case. I made the latter relevant to her personality, but telling her she needed to help the mommy uppercase letters find their baby lowercase letters. She loves family relationships and matching, so it works for her. 🙂

      2. Oh that’s perfect!!!! How cute!! McKinley would like that too down the road a little bit. Thank you for sharing!!

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