Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season! And I want to wish you all a safe and fun New Year! Check back at last year’s fun memory jar project : Memory Jars A few goals and resolutions for 2014: *Publish Children’s Book *More healthy recipes, milestones, and fun craft blog posts! *Create new…

“We’re going to have a party!”

McKinley talking about our upcoming road trip to Kansas. We are currently attempting to pack and our departure is later this evening. For everyone who is traveling for the holidays this year- have a safe and wonderful trip!!

Wordless Wednesday

Snuggle time with my girls! Upcoming Posts •Blog award: Most Influential! •And Traveling with a toddler … I’ve been preparing all week… hence my absence from Monday Monologue

A Coloring Book Adventure

My efforts to distract yet another tantrum led to the making of a coloring book. Backstory My toddler begs to watch Peppa Pig. So much that one time I made the mistake of making it a reward for taking a nap. And now, sleep = Peppa. Television was actually something I did not tolerate for…