“Most Influential Blog” Award!


I was nominated for the Most Influential Blog award! My jaw dropped when I read the email. I thought to myself—Me? My blog? Influential!? Oh my gosh..really!!!!? I am ecstatic and truly honored about this nomination. Genevieve over at Coloring Outside the Lines graciously nominated me. Thank you Genevieve! Her blog is wonderfully written. She inspires others and candidly writes about parenting, education, and her experience with her three children. Check her out!

The rules:
1. Display the Award on your Blog.
2. Announce your win with a post and thank the Blogger who awarded you.
3. Present 10 deserving Bloggers with the Award.
4. Link your awardees in the post and let them know of their being awarded with a comment.
5. Answer each of the 10 questions that your awarder asked, and then write 10 for your awardees (or use the same ones up to you)

My answers:
1) What is your favorite season?
I feel in love with Autumn years ago. Beauty just radiates. It’s also, a time of “shedding” for me—as the leaves fall I let my worries and woes fall too.

2) Who is your favorite singer?
My father. He was amazing at manipulating his voice. My personal Bob Dylan!

3) What is your favorite kind of music?
90’s–Indy—alternative—70’s—and R&B/Rap

4) Who is your favorite author?
Truthfully? I don’t read enough to have one.

5) If you had enough money, what charity would you donate to?
Faith Mission.

6) If you had enough money, what room in your home would you renovate?
If I had enough money, I would buy a home.

7) What is your favorite television show? The League–Suits–Survivor–Parenthood

8) Which of these is your most favorite drink: Pepsi – Coke – Ice Tea – Water? Water.

9) Do you own a desktop PC or laptop…or both? I own an iMac desktop and PC laptop. I prefer Apple products.

10) What would you rather do for relaxation, read a book or watch television?
When I want to relax, I take a bubble bath and light a candle. 🙂

My questions to nominees:
1) If you could have one last meal–what would it be?
2) What is the last song you listened to?
3) Dogs or cats?
4) What is your favorite holiday and why?
5) What is the last book or article you read?
6) Kit-Kats or Reeces?
7) What is your favorite movie?
8) Anchorman or The graduate ?
9) What is your favorite constellation and why?
10) What is your ideal vacation spot?

These are the blogs that inspire my creativity and challenge my core being.

My nominees:

1. Pocketful of Motherhood– Hannah is amazing. She encourages me to become a better person and re-evaluate and strengthen my relationship to our Heavenly Father.
2. Reversecommuter– Without her — I would have no fashion sense whats-so-ever. She seriously influences my entire wardrobe when I step outside the house.
3. Mommytrainingwheels -Sophie is like my mother in crime. 🙂 Her blog is really fun to read.  She posts great advice on products for parents and is very engaging. Her son Charles, or The Dude is very adorable.
4. Adventures of a stay at home dad– Matt & Sandy- they are a cute couple that get into all kinds of fun stuff. Matt is a great writer and I have found myself chuckling often!
5. mindlovemisery– A beautiful poet, who has a way of letting words dance.
6. Pennypinchingpeach– Keisha has influenced me to really look for good deals and steals! 🙂 And, I mean, she is a Georgia Peach & so am I 😉
7. Livenlovenlearn-Love this blog! Amanda is awesome.  An elementary teacher turned homemaker.  So her blog has become my haven.
8. Flyingbubbles– Love this blog for a quick read & for conversation starters.
9. Sisterhoodstickynotes– It’s a blog all about celebrating woman. A true feminist blog (I mean that in a good way–some people don’t understand the true meaning of the word “feminist”).
10. Little sign, and more– Growing up signing with my brother, this blog is awesome for learning to sign with little ones! Bethany’s blog is awesome I love reading it for beauty, recipes, craft ideas and more!

That’s it ya’ll.. I’ve been meaning to do this post for over a month now.  I’m glad I finally got around to doing it!  To all my nominees you guys are awesome keep up the fabulous posts!


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  1. Martha Michael says:

    Soooooo Cool!!!

  2. Shannon says:


  3. vicbriggs says:

    Congratulations and may it be followed by many others 🙂

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