A Meaningful Children’s book–finally published. 

Dear bloggers and faithful followers! My book has finally been published!  It’s been a long and slow two years. BUT with my newest publication Going Through A Maze I thought It would be a good idea to venture down memory lane–Why I wrote the book and how it came to be.  

For those who havn’t followed me in the process– I wrote this children’s book during a difficult time, while I was caring for my sick father. 
This book is based on the love and friendship built between a grandfather and granddaughter. It depicts the reality of a family member or friend struggling with cancer in a simplistic way that is appropriate for young and older audiences. The story ultimately is meant to help prompt difficult conversations with children relating to cancer or any serious illness. 

Here are a few past blog posts I wrote from the time my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer, to his passing, and then my grieving. 

Please fellow bloggers I need your help.  Repost this and help me spread the word.  Portions of this book are donated to cancer research.  
You can purchase on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and many other participating bookstores. Available in paperback or ebook. 

All my love & many thanks in advance,


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  1. LOVE your blog! So glad you found me so I could find out about you! Congrats on your book! I hope it goes well.

    1. Thank you JenniferOzgur ! I’m glad you like the blog ☺️☺️☺️

  2. Cristian Mihai says:

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  3. Miriam says:

    Congratulations on the publishing of your book. Sounds like it was a real achievement and quite a journey for you. I wish you and your family well in 2016.

    1. Thank you Miriam! It means a lot to me.

  4. Well done! Congratulations 🙂

  5. Reblogged this on M. M. Rochford and commented:
    A great story of one writer’s journey to write a children’s book inspired by personal circumstances and linked to supporting a worthy cause.

    1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this!!! It seriously means a lot!

  6. Rebloged . Congrats on your book ,

    1. Thank you for the repost!!

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