Years Later, She Wrote

It’s been three years since my last written blog post on here.  I suppose we have a lot of catching up to do.  It seems daunting with the time that has passed, but McKinley’s turning seven in seven days.

Lets see…

McKinley started Kindergarten.  And then she started First Grade too.


McKinley lost her first tooth. And then, her second tooth.

McKinley learned how to READ! And to swim underwater on her own!


McKinley traveled to North & South Carolina, Georgia, The Hocking Hills, West Virginia, Disney World, Pennsylvania, and Florida.


McKinley had her first dance recital. And was asked to be a flower girl, again!


McKinley went as Dorothy, Wonder Woman, and a Fairy for Halloween.


McKinley switched schools and it was hard on her. (She still misses her best friend).

McKinley got to fly on a private jet!

Something more recent….this past weekend McKinley played in her very first disc golf tournament with dad, and WON first place!! How cool is that?


We’ve been busy, that’s for sure. 

As for her little sister Cora, she has done loads of growing too. Cora is four now! Four! I can’t believe it. She learned to dress herself and is fully potty trained. Cora also gave all her pacifiers to the “Paci Fairy.”

Cora learned to TALK and feed herself!  She started Preschool and grew in all her teeth!

Cora went as a monkey, a fire breathing dragon, and a jaguar for Halloween.


At one point Cora simultaneously had three different infections both bacterial and viral (Strep, Ears, and Upper Respiratory). Then, Cora had her adenoids taken out & ear tubes put in.  Then at another point (soon after), and for three months straight, Cora had two different parasites. She was so sick and it felt like so often. 

Cora also got to travel, and ride a horse for the first time. She loved it so much–she’s still riding horses weekly!


Both girls watched their Aunt Paige graduate high-school, and welcomed three new baby cousins into their life.  Baby Reagan, baby Lilly, and baby Willy.



Both girls learned the Pledge of Allegiance, where babies actually come from, and how to build a snowman.  The list honestly keeps going… But, I’ll tell you what both girls are still working on—-learning to share. ❤

The chance for growth is infinite,


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