A Peek into the Night Sky

We’re wrapping up our studies on the ‘night sky,’ and boy oh boy has it been a beautiful one. Our favorite book we read was “The Star People: A Lakota Story,” by SD Nelson.

⭐️ We learned all about Van Gogh, examined and discussed his Starry Night, and created our own mixed media versions! (We used crayons, watercolors, construction paper, and of course glitter!)

Cora’s Starry Night with Bear Caves
McKinley’s Snowy Starry Night with lots of glitter

⭐️ A night sky study wouldn’t be complete without star gazing. We even saw a shooting star!

⭐️ We learned all about the different types of constellations (zodiacal, circumpolar, and seasonal) and what stars are really made of!

⭐️ We tried our hands at making some constellations on our homemade geoboard, and used some toothpicks and clay to create some too!

⭐️ We even played a fun constellation game and did some crafts with night time creatures, while also learning more about the phases of the moon.

We also had lots of fun doing outdoor math this week!

Array q-tip painting
Playdoh smash math!

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