A peek into Owls & Other Adventures

Did you know there are over 155 kinds of owls? I didn’t. But that’s the beauty of this experience— I get to learn alongside the girls.

We found lots of bones in the pellets!

Although we weren’t at home, we were still able to study an owls anatomy, dissect owl pellets, match “4-part cards,” and throw in some owl lacing too!

Now that Fall is here, we’ve been focusing more on “Fundations.” McKinley learned a new trigraph and Cora is learning all her “letter-keyword-sounds.”

But I’ve got to say—I don’t think we’ll ever do math indoors again! Cora is in love with our math scavenger hunts.

Here she had to find clothespins outside and then write them in order. While McKinley was busy making her own travel 100’s frame on an old bed sheet.

We’re definitely not in a solid groove or routine yet, but boy oh boy we sure have unschooled ourselves beautifully.

Tea Parties

Friday’s are for poetry and tea parties. And apparently sometimes rain storms in Ohio. We started this tradition of drinking tea and reading together awhile back. It started naturally because I’ve always been an avid tea drinker. But I’ve come to realize it’s almost like a movement out there. Either way we’re madly in love, and McKinley simply adores Emily Dickinson. Sometimes our tea time is rugged, and other times we get fancy and practice learning manners and proper etiquette.

Here we’re using my Great Grandmother’s {Marian Garvin} Noritake Fine China from 1902 that’s been passed down in my family now for 4 generations.

The Creek

The girls shared a blissful afternoon with their Papa Rauch, Grandma Nissa, and Great-Grandma Rauch. We soaked up the sun, created islands and stick-figures, splashed in the creek, and collected unique rocks. We recently had lost our grandfather Kenny, but found he was with us in spirit that day, and was happy we were continuing to live the adventure!

McKinley and her Grandma Nissa
McKinley and Papa Rauch
The island the girls created in the creek

Nature Walks

We continue our weekly nature walks journaling where we go and what we find. We spent a good 10 minutes just watching this Daddy-Long-Leg.

The Farm

No hour of life is ever wasted when riding bareback! Thank you Uncle Phil for this magical memory, on that difficult day. We love you.

Cora & Traveller
Uncle Phil leading McKinley & Traveller


We were grateful to visit Jordan’s sister Paige and spend some quality time.

The Garden

Garden days are still filled with harvesting tomatoes, green beans, snap peas, bell peppers, hot peppers, and cucumbers. We completely harvested the corn and froze tons of it. We’ve also dried most of our herbs for the coming months. Since starting “The Little House on the Prairie” series — it’s a lot easier to get the girls to help harvest.

“Be in love with your life. Every minute of it.”

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