A Peek into Seeds

If you don’t already know, we’re nature lovers. So, it was easy to fall in love with Raising Little Shoots – “Exploring Nature With Children: A Year Long Curriculum” for our journey this year.

We’ve been exploring the topic of seeds. Truthfully though, these two wildflower girls have been learning much more.

It’s one thing to plant a seed in the Spring and watch it harvest in our garden, but it’s another to talk about how you get the seeds in the first place!

Fall by far is my favorite time of year. It’s always been a time for me to “shed” myself and produce “seeds” of new beginnings. And it’s exactly what’s happening in nature. We’re doing lots of reflecting over here.

Here is our Seed Sensory Bin of the week!

We took a deeper look into the four main ways in which seeds are dispersed, and thoroughly explored the outdoors for all kinds of seeds. Fruit seeds. Flower seeds. Tree seeds. Plant seeds.

Cora found some Sweet Gum tree seeds!
Poetry, Tea, and Discussion on Archibald Thorburn’s painting

One of my favorite things about this curriculum is how art work and poetry are both an integral part and paired beautifully with each weeks topic. Here we are discussing how Archibald’s watercolor makes us feel, what colors we liked best, and what we thought the squirrel was up to! All over peppermint tea and treats.

Then we labeled all our seeds onto a cute little display board (cardboard).

Seed project & Labeling

Out in Nature

Weekly Nature hikes/walks/outings are essential for our spirits. Here we are at the nature preserve.
McKinley skip counting by 4’s with her 100’s frame she made out of an old sheet.
Found a shady spot to work on closed vs. Open syllables.
More poetry, tea, and our favorite series right now (thanks to our beautiful Momo for the recommendation): The Little House on the Prairie!

Wild & Free Community

We met up with another homeschooling family who also is apart of the “wild and free” mentality/community, and let’s just say it got pretty muddy! Which is what we LOVE most!

Art Classes!

Virtual art classes with our friend Amber in Atlanta, Georgia. The
girls got to meet a set of brothers all the way from England! Cora has raved all week about her little fox that she made!

Wild Math

McKinley created Place Value bundles using sticks she found.
McKinley solving away!
Cora practicing writing her numbers using a paint brush and some water on the driveway.


We also do a lot of “free play,” because honestly they learn a great deal through their imagination and creativity. Here they are creating there own “color store.” They were shaving chalk into dust and creating watercolors and paints.
Saying goodbye to our seeds study by blowing the seeds from this dandelion (using the wind “dispersal” method).

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