A peek into our Pond, Tree, and Pumpkin study

I don’t always capture everything we do, but here’s a peek into the last three weeks!

Pond Study

We learned all about pond ecosystems! The different kind of critters and pond life (like the frogs life cycle), various aquatic plants, and the difference between composers, decomposers, and producers. We studied Claude Monet and explored more poetry over tea!

Our Pond sensory bin!
We found cattails out at the property!
Taking a deeper look at some things from our pond!

Our Tree Study:

🌲Waiting, finding and collecting buckeyes from our beloved Buckeye tree
🌲Finding our “special tree” to observe for the next 3 seasons
🌲Identifying leaves, bark, and studying anatomy
🌲Learning to chop wood
🌲Reading amazing books!
🌲Painting trees outside
🌲Climbing Trees

Our special tree
Nature journaling / field notes
Buckeye tree adventures
Chopping wood
I highly recommend this book- it was beautifully done—explain death with the changing of seasons
Painting trees outside at the land!
Climbing trees

Mini Pumpkin Study:

Let’s give em’ pumpkin to talk about 🎶

🎃pumpkin anatomy
🎃pumpkin counting
🎃pumpkin exploring & carving!

Adventures & Nature Outings

We visited the Farm
We rolled down hills
We went trick or treating
We fed deer
We visited the Indian Caverns
We threw a family Harvest Party at the property. Hayrides, trick or treating in the woods, pumpkin decorating, bonfires, and warm chili and cornbread.
Oh, and we wore costumes!
And, we played in the rain.


The girls learned how to do embroidery and fell madly in love. Expect wall hangings for the holidays!

We cleaned up the graffiti on the garage at the land.
Finished picking last harvest items from the garden.
And made some beautiful roses out of fallen leaves


McKinley continues to love learning cursive! We also pressed on in Fundations & Phonics learning all about the 1-1-1 word rules for spelling, and on the chiller days we played with manipulatives inside to practice our multiplication and number recognition.

I spy all our buckeyes

Thanks for following along our journey!

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