McKinley meets Civics

This has been an amazing mini unit for McKinley.

▶︎ First, she took a virtual civics class with my gracious brother (a die hard Poli-Sci junkie who majored in it).

▶︎ She learned all about the branches of government, the political parties, and the electoral college.

▶︎ For homework she had to do her own research to answer questions that covered topics she learned, but challenged her as well. She now knows who her senators are, and even her congressman in the 12th district here in Ohio. As a bonus, she also looked up and found when women got the right to vote.

▶︎ McKinley was also asked to interview two different people in our family about why it’s important to vote and why they vote the way they do.

▶︎ Both the girls came with Jordan and I to vote. McKinley stood in line in the 30 degrees chill for over an hour. (Her toes were frozen—scratch that ALL our toes were frozen). But guess what? They were able to see and feel the entire process.

▶︎Then, as another part of her homework we were asked to let McKinley stay up late (but not to late) and color code a map of the USA as the states were called. She tallied up all the electoral votes as she went along. And this morning she is continuing to wait and listen alongside all of us.

McKinley is still curious as to who Jordan and I voted for— but we’ve purposefully kept it a secret. It’s important for her to understand the importance of voting and having the right to choose a candidate that reflects her own values (when she is of age), instead of just the values of her parents. We want to raise our girls to allow their own voices to be heard, not necessarily our voices. And, although I’m nail biting over here, and things look messy—no matter what, McKinley gives me the greatest hope for the future of our world.

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