A Peek into Fungi, Moss and Lichen!

We didn’t waste any time digging into our fungi unit! Mainly because we were excited to hunt for them. The girls became instant detectives. We took tons of pictures and then printed them. Afterwards we got to work on our identifying skills.

Identifying the mushrooms we found.

“The poetry of earth is never dead.”

-John Keats

Crafts and Projects

Cora leaning to create wool mushrooms
They turned out super cute!
Girlies creating clay mushrooms outside
Cora wanted to sew again!
Cora also asked to learn how to knit. So we got out some supplies and gave it a whirl! What a great exercise to help with attention and focus for kiddos!

Moss & Lichen

Our moss and lichen study was an easy extension from our fungi unit. Probably because lichen wouldn’t exist without fungi!We found tons of moss while hunting mushrooms, and by the time we were looking for lichen — we were able to find and identify a variety of things!

Some super soft moss on our nature hike.


“Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Moments with a grandfather

Literature and other things

We started out our homeschooling journey practicing yoga daily. But the girls started to not enjoy it as much, especially when it felt like something we had to do. So, we switched it up. We still practice weekly 🙏 but not everyday! I love finding the balance of what works for all of us. It can definitely be a challenge, but truthfully there is so much more grace in our lives.

I think if you asked the girls what their favorite thing about homeschooling is— they would said our tea parties. There is something magical and blissful about breaking bread together, drinking tea, reading poetry, and discussing art. This week we focused on art pieces by Van Gogh and dived deeper into the Post-Impressionist art movement.

We’re stilling reading The Little House on the Prairie series by Laura Ingalls Wilder- we are on the third book “Farmer Boy”
And we make TONS of time for free play, and creativity. Their imaginations inspire me every day.

Wild math

We’ve found that number hop lines are not only fun, but a really helpful tool to help McKinley learn her multiplication facts.

Cora showing place values / and breaking down numbers
It’s a lot more fun to learn patterns outside! Thank you Ohio for this amazing weather this past week!

Although we’re not huge fans, we still do worksheets occasionally— honestly they’re more for me to gauge how the girls are doing. But in actuality my heart knows they are learning what they need to at the pace they are comfortable with. And that’s what matters.

As always, thank you for following along our journey! Life is the best adventure—don’t miss the moment you’re in.

With endless love-light-laughter, and gratitude,

Georgia, McKinley, and Cora

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