A peek into Projects

The girls have had “project work” each day for the past few weeks now. Project work is really a Montessori/ Reggio approach to learning where children choose their topic of interest. Kiddos then have an in-depth exploration/investigation of a that topic. They work for an extended period of time usually to respond to a problem/challenge/or question of some kind. My role becomes merely supportive through their inquiry.

We first created “webs” of information. The girls included: What they already knew, what they wanted to learn, what resources they would use, their goals for their projects, and how in the end they would present their findings.

McKinley choose to do her topic on Hermione Granger, a fictional character from the famous Harry Potter book series. Her goal was to become an expert, and in the end present and display her findings on a poster board. (Special thanks to our neighbors for repurposing the poster board and gifting it to us! It definitely came in handy).

A little preview!

Cora choose to do her topic on Snow Leopards. Her goal was to become one and present her findings in a video.

Cora set up her own snow mountain to demonstrate how they catch their prey and keep warm. And yes, we made a bushy tail!

Adventures outdoors!

Our trip to Blendon Woods Metro park was a beautiful adventure. We enjoyed the story trail of “The Mitten,” did some bird watching, and saw our very first albino squirrel! It was exciting. The girls also performed their poems and we ended our trip with some yummy granola bars sent to us from Nunny all the way in South Carolina!

Lately the girls have been fixated on memorizing poetry, and since we couldn’t do a large gathering performance we’ve been really into creating videos lately. Enjoy!

Cora reciting: November Night, by Adelaid Crapsey. Both girls: An Autumn Greeting, by George Cooper

McKinley reciting: Leaves, by Elise Brady

We also welcomed winter with open arms! We’re looking forward to spending the holidays in the South this year and letting the wind blow us where we’re meant to go. We hope everyone has blessed holiday season filled with laughter, joy, and gratitude.

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