A Peek into Winter Birds

Step 1: Learn about Northern Cardinals

Step 2: Make homemade bird feeders

Step 3: Set up a bird watching area

Step 4: Watch birds

Learning about different kinds of birds through matching memory games
Cora working on identify and counting
McKinley drawing a Blue Jay
Friday Poetry/Art discussion and tea party!
Our round up of resources

Other Projects

McKinley had to figure out how many leaves it would take to get from our apple tree to our neighbors tree.
Cora working on making patterns
Collecting and counting numbers with nature! Dear Egg Carton, I love you.

Sycamore Art & Nature Group

We finally found an amazing homeschooling nature tribe! Each week we come together with other families to hike in nature. The girls and I are very grateful for our new friendships.

Photos from Blacklick Woods Metro Park

Photos from Slate Run Metro Park

Thanks for following our journey!

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