A Peek into Winter Pond, Animal Tracks, and Candlemas

We were happy to find some frogs swimming underneath the sheet of ice, and super excited to find two turtles!

Can you see the turtles?!

Animal Tracks


I had no idea Candlemas was an actual holy. So it was interesting to learn about a different Christian Holy Day. It’s a day to commemorate the presentation of Jesus Christ and the purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary to the temple. It was also Groundhogs day, and half way between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. So we celebrated the return of the “light” by making and rolling some homemade candles. And then, chose to have dinner by candlelight.

Other Projects:

McKinley working with fractions on a number line
Cora’s Bakery— learning to count and add
McKinley doing some pizza fractions!

The girls got to create their own “pool designs” for the property. And what features they thought would be cool additions. They drew inspiration from past vacations and their imaginations. Cora added a lot of fountains and mist sprays. Both girls added bridges and McKinley even added a table and chairs into hers.

Cora practicing handwriting and her letters— I flipped a small canvas over and used chia seeds. (These I save in a jar for sensory things). But super simple and easy fun way to learn.

Here Cora is working on splitting numbers, finding number pairs.

Sycamore Art & Nature group Outings

We cherish our time outdoors.

Thanks for following our journey!

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