A Peek into Winter Trees & Evergreens

Here’s another peek into some of the things we get into during our school weeks. Last week we took a closer look at some kinds of conifer evergreen trees, and dabbled at learning how to identify deciduous tree twigs!

We took some clippings inside for further investigations and used our Raising Up Wild Things nature journals for documenting after our walk.
Pulled out our favorite! Matching games! When the girls got a match they had to say weather the tree was a type of evergreen or deciduous tree.
We got crafty and made an evergreen garland for the fireplace. McKinley made a tree with legs (not on purpose but we all got a great laugh).
When in doubt, make nature paintbrushes. We did this back in the fall and the girls loved it. So we decided to go for it again.
We used collected sticks, and some bamboo we found at a nature park. Can you guess what types of trees these are?!

Other stuff

McKinley started her first sewing series with her grandmother! Her homework was to sew 20 buttons!
Math this week for McKinley has been a continuation of fraction games and reviewing of past concepts. Cora and I have been reviewing and relearning the difference between 2-D and 3-D shapes. The magnet tiles are perfect for that!

Self Portraits!

We had special cousin visitors for our weekly poetry/tea party/ Art discussion! And everyone got to bring a special snuggle to share.
This moment melted me away. Cora with her youngest cousin, Koen.
Although the girls are not in a traditional school setting we were still able to make Valentines for our homeschooling nature group friends! Eco friendly & simple. Cardboard & yarns/ stickers, markers, ribbons. Boom.

As always, thanks for being on this journey with us and taking the time to stay connected. Much Love

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