My Digital Detox

I didn’t need another gluten free diet or UltraClear detox.  I needed a digital detox.  A virtual cleanse from the Web World.  And, it was an amazing journey. I was checking Facebook status updates every 10 minutes. Checking Instagram photo feeds. Taking pictures of my own, editing, then posting them. Reading blogs. Creating blog posts. Reading NPR news. Looking at…

“Most Influential Blog” Award!

I was nominated for the Most Influential Blog award! My jaw dropped when I read the email. I thought to myself—Me? My blog? Influential!? Oh my gosh..really!!!!? I am ecstatic and truly honored about this nomination. Genevieve over at Coloring Outside the Lines graciously nominated me. Thank you Genevieve! Her blog is wonderfully written. She…

You’re right–we all have wishes.

I know that usually on Friday’s I post a curriculum piece, but something else is on my mind. Today marks 3 months since my father’s passing. Dear Dad, My mind is flooding with memories of you, like when you were bent on the ground smelling different soaps and lotions from under the sink with McKinley….

Quick Thanks

I wanted to thank all of my dedicated readers and followers, and those of you who just stop by occasionally to read. You guys keep me going and are the reason I’m blogging! I also, wanted to thank those bloggers that I follow and adore! You guys inspire me to no end!

Adventure Walk- Craft Outcome!

We finally got around to doing our “adventure walk” craft with all our interesting collectables from the outdoors! We peeled back a pinecone and used them to make pedals for a flower! This one is called “big and little.” Big pinecone and little pinecone. Big leaf and little leaf!